Hello Darkness (A Visit From an Old Friend)

by variousglimpses

Hello Darkness. Welcome back. Take a seat. Make yourself at home. Can I get you anything? A hot cup of tears? A piece of pathos? A lovely slice of apathy with a side of cynicism and despair? I’ve got some motivation that’s been stagnating since your last visit. Should be lovely and tender by now.

So, how have you been? Still breaking hearts? Playing the field? You rogue, you never change. Me? I’ve been good, actually. Made some positive changes in my life. Met some beautiful people. Existed day to day in a place of hope and well being. I won’t go on about it. I know how you hate that stuff. Seen any of our mutual friends lately? Oh, I completely forgot you knew him. He just doesn’t seem like your type. You’re quite the socialite, aren’t you? Careful though, those artistic guys, they’ll just use you for catharsis. Next thing you know the demo you made together gets them signed and they’re laughing all the way to the bank. See how often he calls you then.

Right, shall we have a game then? Not much else to do round here, I’m afraid. Okay, you go first…..and you’ve landed on past mistakes. Yeah? Oh-five, would it have been? Shit, I do remember that! Man, I hadn’t thought about that in years. Does really show up the flaws in my character aye? All right, my turn….I got self reproach. Well, thinking about your turn, that wasn’t an isolated incident, and it does just go to show that I’m not as cool a human being as I like to think I am, you know? I mean, do you think I go around just telling myself these stories about how great I am, while I’m just ignoring the fact I’m a shitty person down under it? Tell me honestly….Well, I asked I guess. Your turn again.

Crap is that the time? Hey, it’s been great having you, but I’m expecting Light any minute now, and I know how you two don’t get along. It’s a shame, you know, I think you guys have a lot more in common than you think. Oh well, nothing like sibling rivalry, aye? Alright, until next time then.