by variousglimpses

I stumbled upon life

As a rock in the desert

Jutting out from shifting sands


It injured me

And crying out, I fell

But then, curious, I dug

Wanting to take the measure

Of this new thing


Of what I discovered, there was no hint

On the dead topsoil

A multifaceted surface, shot through

With veins, flecks and abrasions

Here glittering, here dull

Here translucent, here opaque

Every imaginable colour

Shifting under my gaze

Indistinct shape, hulking mass

Plunging ever deeper


I have dug since that day

Though my fingers are ragged stumps

The smeared blood merely adds

To the thing’s complexity

I hope that near the end

Another wanderer comes across my find

With their rags and their thirst

And I will say to them:

“See! This much I can reveal to you,

And no more.”