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Month: October, 2012


I fear your absence

Your untouchable presence

The empty space

Where once there was your truth

How will I fill it

Without lying to myself?



Sometimes, the sheer desire

Of a forbidden act

Leaves you feeling sullied


A black mark on your soul

And all your effort of restraint

Seems beside the point


Innocence is relative

And does not always

Spare you guilt


In my computer

There are some old files

From when I was insane


I wandered in them tonight

That haunted mansion

Of fractured thoughts

Evidence of a wandering soul

Whose tethers to the real

Were cut


After a while

I lost track

Of myself back then –

Wide eyed and sleepless

Stumbling through the tunnels

Of a psychological underworld –

And myself now –

He who tells himself

He’s left that far behind

Cured and set apart

From that unpleasantness


The haunting is real, but

Which of us is the ghost?