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Month: April, 2013

A Postcard From a Dark Place

Sometimes when I’m at my most pathetic

I wish I could see my self disgust reflected

In the eyes of people who care about me

So I could forgive them for it

And so become a good person

But my loved ones are always way ahead of me

They do all the forgiving for me

Leaving me with a bunch of extraneous forgiveness

That I certainly can’t use on myself


Roots, Trees, and Birds

It’s so easy to miss the truth in cliches

So easy that sometimes I wonder if it’s really there

Or I’m just twisting them to fit my circumstances

Maybe that’s what makes a good cliche, its adaptability?



One cliche speaks of seeing the woods for the trees

It’s about seeing a situation on a grand scale

And not getting bogged down in details (bonus cliche there)

Another warns against neglecting your roots

Remain grounded, keep in mind who you were and how you got here

Contradiction? Maybe, maybe not. It’s all fairly arbitrary language.


There is no cliche I know of that speaks of what trees set root in.

Namely decay. The dark, crawling muck and rock of the forest floor

Where all the things we fear squirm and burrow and feed

That’s where my tree grew. I’ve always been deeply rooted in disgust.


The cliche seems less romantic now, doesn’t it?

Don’t expect to go digging in a mind and not get dirt under your nails.

But that’s nature. In woods and in minds, things die and are fed upon.

From the feeding trees grow and put out branches, birds nest and take wing

From the sky they see the woods, and don’t connect the panorama

To the rot below